Second Edition of the Training Course Held in Cyprus Involving Experts of the Mediterranean Area

The PROMEDHE project aims to create a network of experts coming from the civil protection authorities of five countries – Italy, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and Palestine – to protect the cultural heritage and support the communities affected by natural disasters.

PROMEDHE – which stands for Protecting Mediterranean Heritage during Disasters – aims at developing new instruments of multidisciplinary coordination and collaboration to prepare teams of national and international experts capable of intervening in case of emergency.

The core of the project – co-financed by the Italian Civil Protection Department and the EU commission – is represented by a training program addressed to experts coming from the Mediterranean area and it is organized so as to share good practices lessons learned and standard operating procedures.

During these days, the second edition of PROMEDHE “Introductory Training Course on the European Civil Protection Mechanism and Post-disasters Assessment Techniques” is currently in progress. Previously, the project had already gathered a group of experts to visit the areas in central Italy struck by the earthquake of 24 August, a territory very rich in cultural heritage. 

26 representatives of the partner countries coming from the fields of both civil protection and cultural heritage will take part in the course to further enhance their knowledge about the EU CP mechanism and need assessment techniques in the aftermath of disaster. The course, which will end on 3 February, includes a theoretical part and thorough practical sessions to take place in Limassol and Nicosia. […]

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