P.A.T.C.H. – Prevention, Analysis and Tools for Cultural Heritage. Guidelines, protocols and procedures for the rescue of cultural heritage items during seismic events.


‘The Guidelines and the Procedures appear as a list of behaviors whose impact is mainly expected in the organizational area of the CH conservation system. But this fi rst look is not exhaustive. The guidelines intend to intervene in all the aspects of the Cultural Heritage preservation. It means that the most relevant impact is expected in a substantial change of attitudes towards the concept of “conservative approach” itself.
The proposed solutions are very simple and intuitive: they have just to be referred to all the cycle of the Management of the Cultural Heritage items and works. The first step being, just to make an example, an activity addressed to have all the needed information about the state of preservation of the heritage related to a certain place or building. Knowing, to be considered as having the required information, can be essential not just in case of an emergency situation, but even in the so called “peace-time”….’

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