PROMEDHE Steering Committee meets in Rome

Today 30 March Fabrizio Curcio, head of the Italian Civil Protection Department, will open the two-day meeting of the PROMEDHE steering committee in Rome. The PROMEDHE project – Protecting Mediterranean Heritage during Disasters – is coordinated by the Italian Civil Protection Department and includes five civil protection authorities – Italy, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and Palestine – as partners.

The object of PROMEDHE is to enhance the national and regional capacities for safeguarding cultural heritage in case of natural disasters in the Mediterranean area. Moreover, the projects aims at facilitating the exchange of experts and tools among the partner countries and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which is the European Union mean created to ensure efficient and prompt response during emergencies that may affect EU and non-EU countries.

Representatives of the Centro Studi Villa Montesca Foundation and of the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property will join the meeting to take the stock of the situation after one year of PROMEDHE activities and highlight the experiences undertaken by the five participating countries, thanks to a virtuous process of increased awareness about the value of the national cultural heritage.

The agenda of the two-day meeting will also include the discussion on future plans and the organization of the support for different areas of activities, such as technical assistance, committees of experts, study visits, national training courses and interinstitutional meetings.
The project seeks for the creation of an international team of experts capable of guaranteeing the safety of cultural and archeological heritage by sharing technical and scientific competences and knowledge.
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