High Level Study Visit, 23-25 October 2017

The Italian Civil Protection Department, leader of the PROMEDHE project, next 23-25 October will be hosting the High Level Study Visit on “The Italian Civil Protection System response to protect cultural heritage damaged after the 2016-2017 earthquakes in Central Italy”.

The event will take place in the regions of Lazio and Umbria, and will include a visit to the storage houses of Cittaducale and Spoleto that host movable cultural heritage assets damaged by the recent Central Italy earthquakes. The visit also includes a scout to the city of Norcia, where many valuable artworks suffered damage after the above mentioned  disastrous events. The visit  also foresees a tour of the yards allocated for building safety operations and restoration of cultural heritage sites in Norcia, and an explanation about techniques and tools adopted by the Italian experts on the spot.

The event will see the participation of the following PROMEDHE Project Partner Country representatives: Mr. Giorgos Georgiou, Department of Antiquities (Cyprus); Mr. Michael Cohen, Israel Antiquities Authority, andMr. Omri Shalmon, Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel (Israel); Lt. Col. Suliman Habes Suliman Al-Dhoon, and Capt. Ayman Abdallah Salim Al Maani, Jordan Civil Defence (Jordan); Col. Malek Z.A. Alia, Palestinian Civil Defence (Palestine).